A sofa is more than a sofa.

What is a sofa, what symbolizes and what provides in our life and our homes. Comfort, design, tradition, family… Losbu Concept spins around the sofa.

Handcrafted comfort straight to the heart of your home, your decor, your family and your welfare. Your sofa can be your little great palace. 

You are the most important.

Discover more about Losbu Concept.



Handcrafted made furniture.



Updated models with added value.



Comfort direct to the heart of your home.

Tradition and innovation get married for your welfare.

Preserving the worth of many years of experience in the traditional sector of the upholstery and pooled it with latest technologies has led us to offer quality with high production.

From the different finishes and textures, Losbu Sofas enhances its collection of 100% genuine leathers.

Caressing the leather, its softness and its elegance raise the comfort of our sofas.

Losbu Sofas comfort worldwide.

Losbu Sofas reach nowadays many parts in the world and our production and philosophy consider bringing every day the comfort to more homes in every single corner of the planet.

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