Information on the Company's Equality Policy and Harassment Protocol

Our society seeks the effective and full achievement of the principle of equality and non-discrimination between women and men in the framework of labour relations. To this end, it implements a series of measures within the framework of the Equal Opportunities Plan, taking into account the training and integral development of the people who make up our community, and who are its main asset. For this reason, we believe it is necessary to promote an environment that guarantees everyone the right to be treated with dignity and respect, to non-discrimination, to equal opportunities and to physical and psychosocial health.


Likewise, our company is categorically against any practice of any member that may involve harassment: labour, psychological or moral, sexual, for reasons of sex, gender identity, affective-sexual orientation, pregnancy and paternity/maternity, other discriminatory harassment, cyber-bullying, etc. and recognises the need to prevent it and avoid its appearance, as well as to eradicate all behaviour that constitutes it. For all these reasons, we inform all workers of our Protocol for the Prevention and Action in the Face of Sexual Harassment.