ISO 9001 : 2015




As the person in charge of LOSBU, S.L., I undertake to set up the appropriate actions to achieve the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a Quality System based on the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 (2015) standard.

This Quality System is intended to establish a Strategic Plan that allows us to strengthen our brand in the markets in which we operate, guaranteeing a reasonable profitability for our company, providing our customers with upholstered furniture and services with a quality that meets their needs.

In order to achieve our goals, a Quality Policy is established in all departments of LOSBU, S.L., which promotes Leadership, the continuous improvement of our production process and a better training of our technicians and employees through continuous improvement driven by them autonomously, achieving the best optimisation of the available resources through design, innovation and technological excellence.

To obtain the strategic objectives and goals and an internationally recognised level of Quality, it is necessary, and this is understood by the Management and the managerial and supervisory levels, to reach a total commitment and collaboration between the departments and the people who form LOSBU, S.L., facilitating the communication channels, allowing the independent continuous improvement of the groups of people and spreading our desire of internal and external competitiveness.

Germán Cutillas

Manager of Losbu, S.L.



The Management Levels and the Management of the company, promoting leadership and motivating all the staff of the company, has established and implemented a quality system based on the requirements of the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001 (2015): “Quality management systems. Requirements”, for the design and manufacture of upholstered furniture.

The quality system aims to strengthen the company within the sectors in which it operates and to achieve the satisfaction of LOSBU, S.L.’s internal and external clients, thanks to the fulfilment of a Strategic Plan and their demands and needs within the deadlines and prices committed to. To this end, the quality system has the following objectives:

** To reflect the Leadership and the commitment of the Management in a Strategic Plan that is executed and achieves the objectives and goals in the short and medium term, incorporating the analysis of the risks and the demands of the environment in which we operate.

** Quality assurance of the products supplied and services rendered, all in accordance with the Quality System implemented in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001 (2015), with the aim of offering our customers attractive business solutions that meet their needs and satisfy their expectations.

** Compliance with the requirements, demands and commitments assumed with our customers, the search for commercial and product solutions, thus consolidating the trust, leadership and recognition of our Organisation.

** The establishment of expansion strategies for our product and our image, seeking the globalisation of our solutions to other markets, in the conviction that our Policy and our System is valid, effective and exportable to other markets.

** Loyal compliance with all legislation applicable to our activity.

** Efficient management and control of production processes and service provision, optimising available resources through Quality and efficiency.

** The promotion of continuous improvement of processes, procedures and services, through innovation, staff training, staff autonomy to improve their jobs and technological efficiency.

** The awareness, motivation and autonomy of all LOSBU, S.L. staff, on the importance of the implementation, development and maintenance of our Quality System and the ideas for improvement as initiatives that arise from the people of the company at all levels.

** The establishment of measurable objectives, autonomy in their execution, monitoring of their fulfilment and the continuous improvement of our organisation from each of the company’s work posts, giving autonomy to the workers to draw up action plans.


We are convinced that everyone in the company has an influence on Quality and therefore they must have sufficient autonomy to know the policy and the objectives set, communicate autonomously with the management and supervisory levels to promote ideas for improvement and increase the quality of the products and services provided, through communication and training in the processes and work instructions and in the self-evaluation of their day-to-day performance.

Germán Cutillas

Manager of Losbu, S.L.



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