We design sofas, we produce comfort.

In Losbu we know that a sofa is more than a sofa, in fact, it can be your palace if you make the right selection and you know how to enjoy it.

The centre of your home and  your decor, the place where you gather your family, where you chat with your friends and where you manage to disconnect from the day and to find that particular moment, so cosy, so private…so yours.

Thinking on you, we make more than sofas. This is why those that distribute our products will help you to choose that key piece in your life and your beloved ones.

The key piece for #decolovers.

If you are design lover, you will know in good faith that the sofa is the centre of our homes and a piece of furniture with endless possibilities when we talk about creating decorative environments.

In Losbu we design and produce, this is why you have an enormous range in terms of design, models, functionalities and upholsteries. Furthermore we are experts in leather and our fabric books are selected from the new arrivals and last tendencies.

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Renovating and innovating in the traditional.

We are an open and contemporary brand that under a long tradition and legacy from the best upholsters from Spain and Europe, have known how to update, keep fresh and invest in innovation.

We know that our sofas are essential for the families, that is why we put all our dedication in every single piece we make, the sofa is the meeting centre to reencounter with our belongs. We all remember our grandparent’s sofa or that first sofa we had in our rented flat.

In Losbu we know that a sofa is more than comfort and decor, is welfare direct to the heart.