Warranty / quality in leather


At LOSBU we are aware of the importance that nowadays has a careful service, a full guarantee and a personalized and precise attention to our customers. For this reason, all our processes are guarded by a continuous control of quality. LOSBU Sofas holds this certification since the year 1999, sign of the priority of quality and service given by our company.
LOSBU has established an average period of service around 30 days from the entry of the order; However, according to certain variants and owed to the high-level control of the processes of production and supply, is able to adapt itself to the demands and needs of service around 15 days.
The after sales service is one of the most cared and intended aspects: the processes implemented for this service and the professionalism of the staff in charge, makes it one of the most agile and effective production process services. LOSBU is pleased to be the only producer of upholstery in the country capable of offering for all its sofas a Protection Program that covers both, the legal warranty of the manufacturer, including home-based technical assistance, as an additional guarantee of up to 3 years for the protection from accidental leather damages.
With the absolute conviction that the care of all these details must be meticulously attended, LOSBU Sofas offers to all its clients a personalized and professional attention through the technical sales agents enabled for this purpose, which will answer all the questions, resolve queries and give solutions to the issues that may arise in the development of the commercial relations.

Quality in leather

prote2Beauty and Elegance

The sofa not only complies with a rest duty; it is also furniture with important presence and meaning at home. Owed to this, apart from exigencies in comfort, it has to satisfy the expectations of design, quality and distinction.
In Losbu Sofás S.L.U, we bet for fine material as the leather for the upholstery of our sofas, being sure that apart from better quality and resistance, it offers the presence, beauty and elegance that requires your sofa.
When you acquire a Losbu sofa upholstered in leather, you invest in a furniture item of high rage, quality, distinguished and long-lived.

A single leather for each home

The leathers used in the production of our sofas offer different features, always under our parameters of quality. These differences make that some leathers are more adequate than others depending on the case, as well as the realization of patterns, flexibility, and etcetera.



  • Maximum quality level.
  • Hide natural surface*(not pigmented) dyed only with natural aniline dyes.
  • Individual dying process.
  • Soft and silky smooth touch.
  • Surface very sharped and deep.
  • Only the 5 % of the leathers are selected for this quality level.

Semi -aniline leather

  • Hide natural surface* (not corrected) dyed with aniline and slightly recovered with pigments.
  • Only the 15 % of the leathers are selected for this quality leather.

Pigmented leather

  • Pigmented (protected) in surface owed to the marks and defects.
  • Very uniform surface, less sharped.
  • Less expensive, huge resistance.
  • Recommended for families with children and exhaustive use.

* Hide natural surface : leather not corrected). Only the 25 % of the leathers are selected for this quality leather.

** Anilina: tinte o colorante.

Leather cares

prote1Standard Maintenance

Clean the dust regularly, with a soft cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. It is advisable once or twice a year, to clean the sofa with a cloth dumped in water making circles (not pressing) on the leather surface.


  • To clean the leather, we advise you to do not use products that contain solvents, alcohol or acetone. Do not clean the sofa with water vapor, bleach, aerosol products, chlorine or ammoniac, furniture polishes, vinegar or the called “home cleaners” or “multiuse”, and either any other type of chemical substance on the leather.
  • It is also important, not to use horse grease, moisturizing cream, shoes polish or oil. There are cleaning products specially indicated for the care and cleaning of the leather, as well as creams of preservation which have to be applied periodically. Please, ask your Losbu distributor to get more information about the cleaning and preservation kits.
  • Avoid bringing close heat sources as heaters or heating air exits to your sofa.
  • Avoid direct natural light to prevent discoloration and deterioration.

Liquid stains

The leathers of our sofas have been treated to be liquid proof, but in case of spilling of liquids on the leather, it is recommendable to mop them with an absorbent cloth, without rubbing the leather. If the stain persists, clean the leather with a sponge or cloth dumped in tepid water and mild soap and then, rinses it with another dumped cloth, finally drying it with another clean cloth.

Grease stains

In case of any kind of greases like butter, oil, etcetera, remove the excesses with a clean and dry cloth. It is possible that a small stain remains in the sofa, but it will disappear in a short period of time. Do not apply water to try to clean this kind of stain; it would extend it even more.

Ballpen stains

To remove pen stains, there is a specific rubber. Please, ask your Losbu distributor.


Leather care and protection program


Within the policy of quality and customer service, we have incorporated a new after-sales service consisting in a leather protection program, offering to our consumers a total coverage of technical assistance up to three years and being the only Spanish company in the sector that offers this service.


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