LOSBU Company

A leading company in the field of upholstery furniture
LOSBU S.L.U., specialized in leather upholstery, nowadays it is recognized unequivocally as one of the companies more consolidated in structure as well as in human resources.
A dynamic and versatile firm
In continuous evolution, get used to the change, technologically capable and reliable in its answer to the customer requirements; working hard and focusing its strengths in a commercial collection with an attractive design in medium-high range, with special attention in leather upholstery.
The tenacity to get the success in a care quality, well balanced price and a meticulous service, turns into the principal strength of the company. The controls in all the productive processes, tested by the Quality System established and certified according to ISO 9001:2015 allow ensuring a correct finishing and a swift service.


In our Design Study, apart from the innovation and structural improvements of our sofas, it emphasizes in the ergonomics and comfort of them, offering to our customers an attractive product with high features and incisiveness in the market.


A strong frame is the base of a final product of quality and high resistance. Our Frames Department provides the assembly change with structures and wooden frames to make the different sofas, armchairs and accents.


In the same way, the cutting and transformation of polyurethane foams used for the production of each body sofa, count with the last generation machinery very fast and precise, making possible a high control level among the process.


The high quality of the leathers used for the production of our sofas, is tallied with the exigent handling and transformation made by our team. In our cutting department we count on with the most outstanding machinery prepared for the automatic cut, control and manufacture of the upholstery of leather as well as fabric, joining this to the sew of the pieces, represent the most delicate and capital production of the upholstery.


The large experience and high level of professionalism of our team, is one of the worth more enhanced from our company. The characteristics are very important in manual works as sewing and final assembly, where the most subtle details and the finishing are of vital importance and turn into the presentation letter of our company.


One of the most important features of Losbu is the diligence in the production and distribution of our products. To get this, we have incorporated to our logistic system: processes and technologies that optimize our production, in which it is important to enhance the system R.F.I.D (Radio Frequency Identification), that allows a fast and correct provision control and the distribution of the semi-produced and finished items.


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